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Presentation Skills

Compelling and captivating speechesAn exciting and practical course for business people who give presentations to large groups, pitch for business or communicate messages.  It’s designed for managers and leaders who wish to polish their performance while keeping their communication authentic and powerful.  This may be at meetings or with groups, informal or more formal. The objectives are as follows:

  • Develop more presence and inspire confidence.
  • Feel more relaxed and confident when communicating.
  • Build rapport, manage and lead large audiences more effectively.
  • Prepare and structure more creative communications.
  • Use your voice and body language for maximum impact.
  • Develop more strategies for handling question and answer sessions.

Compelling and Captivating Speeches

Compelling speeches‘I want to be able to captivate the audience. I want to be more compelling when I speak. But I also want to be me, authentic’. If that quote resonates with you, the chances are that you already have extensive public speaking experience and are ready to move up another level. Compelling and Captivating Speeches is an advanced presentation skills course in which we share with you a number of the rhetorical styles great orators use.  It’s not for beginners wanting to have more impact. It’s specially designed for people who want to become more inspiring, more motivating and more authentic. You will:

  •   Be a more authentic speaker.
  •   Develop and understand the critical tools of ‘great speaking.’
  •   Connect at a deeper level with audiences.
  •   Master conversational language while speaking in public.
  •   Make a scripted speech your own.
  •   Increase your impact and platform skills.
  •   Create speeches that inspire hearts and minds, and feet will follow.

Personal Impact and Presence

personal impact and presenceCreating a great first impression and excellent communication skills are critical for leaders and a managers.   For some people this may be instinctive and for others it needs to be learned. Our training will provide you with the tools to communicate with more credibility and/or approachability. We help you develop your most positive, professional, authentic self.

Areas covered include ways to:

• Raise your profile and credibility.
• Respond to individuals and groups with confidence.
• Build stronger and more effective relationships.
• Look and sound more compelling.
• Be more approachable and authentic.
• Be more influential in meetings and when presenting.

Managing Difficult Conversations

Managing difficult conversationsBeing a great leader and manager requires excellent communication skills. No more so than when delivering difficult messages to people you would like to motivate. These may be clients,  direct reports, bosses or peers. Our Managing Difficult Conversations course focuses on helping you build your awareness skills so you notice your impact as well as developing the flexibility to adapt your behaviour.  You will:

• Develop a greater range of influencing styles.
• Feel confident and finding the right degree of assertiveness.
• Learn the appropriate language patterns to ensure the message is heard.
• Understand how to prepare for a difficult conversation.
• Boost your impact when delivering difficult messages.

The Art and Science of Story Telling

The art of story tellingStory Telling is one of the most powerful ways of communicating messages and the art is as ancient as time itself. In recent years business and organisations have realised that stories can be one of their most engaging communication tools. A great story teller can capture staff imaginations, distil complex issues and take them on a journey to places they have never been, yet feel they have had first hand experience of that place. Here at Cmt we help to put the science behind the art of story telling by examining:

  • The structure of stories.
  • Why stories work as a communication tool at work.
  • How to use more captivating and appropriate language.
  • Which style of delivery – from fireside chat to great orator.
  • Voice and body language.