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impact and influenceA challenging, stimulating extremely popular course aimed at deepening your personal impact and expanding your influencing styles. You will also gain greater awareness of your preferred influencing styles, build on your ability to lead through example and create the appropriate levels of credibility and approachability. The workshops are extremely practical. The objectives are to:

  • Demonstrate a number of influencing qualities.
  • Come across as a more credible.
  • Appear more approachable.
  • Manage the differences between group and 1:1 communication.
  • Deliver difficult messages while not jeopardising relationships.
  • Gain more techniques for engaging others.
  • Be more aware of the impact of  push or pull styles.
  • Gain permission to lead others in an influential way.


Managing and leading groupsAre you a member of a group? Do you lead one or more teams?   Today in business we tend to work mainly in groups. We join other people at meetings, gather with our teams, speak at presentations and facilitate informal or formal discussions.

This course is NOT about influencing in a one-to-one situation. It is about all the unsaid dynamics that go on when people gather.  The aim of this workshop is to give you simple strategies to help manage and influence a group. You may be in a meeting, part of a team or the person in charge. We look at who has the  power in a group, how to close down the over-talkative and elegant ways of encouraging your ‘wallflowers’. We focus on:

  • How to lead and influence a group effectively.
  • How to notice the leaders in a group.
  • How to flex your style using appropriate body language.
  • Tools to help manage challenge and ‘tricky’ individuals.
  • How to remain calm and be the person-in-charge.


A  provocative and thoughtful course to help you communicate more influentially and with greater sense of purpose. It focuses on understanding other people’s natural preferences and finding the appropriate ways to fully engage, influence and negotiate with them.   You will develop more awareness of yourself and others and recognise the greater choices you have in the way you respond to others. The main objectives are to:

  • Have greater understanding of the benefits of influencing.
  • Use the appropriate push or pull influencing styles.
  • Lead others towards well-formed goals.
  • Recognise preferences  and respond rapportfully.
  • Use body language & vocal tonality to build deeper relationships.
  • Resolve potential conflict by viewing the situation from different perspectives.