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Have you noticed that the more senior you get the less you less time you spend doing your  ‘technical job?’  You spend more and more time responding to and interacting with clients, bosses, colleagues and direct reports. Communication and relationship skills become the deciding factor in your success. At Cmt we run challenging and stimulating courses aimed at mastering the skills and behaviours associated with excellent leadership. This may be your personal impact, the way you communicate or your influencing and relationship styles.

Impact and Influence

impact and influenceA challenging, stimulating course aimed at deepening your personal impact and expanding your influencing styles. You will also build on your ability to lead through example and create the appropriate levels of credibility and approachability. The workshops objectives include:

  • How to demonstrate influencing qualities.
  • How to come across as a more credible.
  • How to appear more approachable.
  • Delivering difficult messages while not jeopardising relationships.
  • Gaining more techniques for engaging others.
  • Being more aware of using push or pull influencing styles.
  • Gaining permission to lead others in an influential way.

Women in Leadership

Women in leadershipWhat stops women from breaking through the glass ceiling? It may be unconscious bias in your organisation, or do we as women sometimes hold ourselves back? At Cmt we recognise that many women want to lead in a more authentic way. We also recognise that women may limit their aspirations for a variety of different reasons – confidence, work vs. life balance, poor flexitime arrangements for parents or other interests /duties outside work taking precedence.  At Cmt we work with you as an individual to help you to make more informed choices about your future. Areas covered include:

  • Creating your personal impact and  leadership style.
  • Noticing how other women succeed.
  • Four steps to authentic leadership for women.
  • Challenging limiting beliefs from the past.
  • Handling negative and unhelpful internal dialogue.
  • Voice and body language coaching to build credibility.
  • Breaking through – Examining what stops you personally.

Compelling & Captivating Speeches

‘I want to be able to captivate the audience. I want to be more compelling when I speak. But I also want to be me, authentic’. If that quote resonates with you, the chances are that you already have extensive public speaking experience and are ready to move up another level. Compelling and Captivating Speeches is an advanced presentation skills course in which we share with you a number of the rhetorical styles great orators use.  It’s not for beginners wanting to have more impact. It’s specially designed for people who want to become more inspiring, more motivating and more authentic. You will:

  •   Be a more authentic speaker.
  •   Develop and understand the critical tools of ‘great speaking.’
  •   Connect at a deeper level with audiences.
  •   Master conversational language while speaking in public.
  •   Make a scripted speech your own.
  •   Increase your impact and platform skills.
  •   Create speeches that inspire hearts and minds, and feet will follow.

Leading Through Story

The art of storytellingStorytelling is one of the most powerful ways of communicating. It captures the imagination, connects with emotions, and takes people on a journey that helps them to sense real purpose and meaning in their working life. Personal stories not only build trust, they also fill the gap between fact and fiction, strategy and reality, head and heart. Whether you are speaking at a conference or leading large teams, using stories can help to change culture, to clarify complexity and to motivate people. Why? Because using stories builds trust, empathy and makes messages more real – they give concepts context. Listeners can see, hear and feel what is being said. For some organisations tough economic times have led to staff losses, longer working hours and fear for future job security. Polls show that motivation is declining as many employees feel their leaders have become more distant. Powerful stories can be used to reach down through organisations and help those leaders to re-connect with their people. You will learn how to :

  • Be more aware of the power of storytelling.
  • Structure the anticipation in stories.
  • Have greater impact and charisma.
  • Establish more trust through disclosure stories.
  • Feel more comfortable and confident telling stories.
  • Develop more credibility and/or  approachability.
  • Ceate a compelling vision which influences others.

Media exposure

Media exposureMost senior leaders find themselves in the media spotlight from time to time. With the growth in social media this has become even more prevalent. The behaviours that work in a room with a live audience may look very different when filmed by staff and uploaded onto the internet or leaked to a television or radio programme. We will help you to manage your media profile, discover what works and what doesn’t and build your skills and awareness of suitable media roles. We achieve this by  helping you to step into a journalist’s shoes.  Will you be able to deliver up a juicy media morsel on your own terms?

It’s never too early to skill up and understand more about media messaging. Our offerings include:

  • awareness of what makes a good story.
  • understanding the media’s needs & meeting them without compromise.
  • how to deliver a clear and simple message.
  • how to prepare effectively for an interview.
  • strategies for handling more challenging questions.
  • practical interview sessions with feedback for newspaper, trade, online , radio and television.

Managing and Leading Groups

Managing and leading groups

Are you a member of a group? Do you lead one or more teams?   Today in business we tend to work mainly in groups. We join other people at meetings, gather with our teams, speak at presentations and facilitate informal or formal discussions.

This course is NOT about influencing in a one-to-one situation. It is about all the unsaid dynamics that go on when people gather.  The aim of this workshop is to give you simple strategies to help manage and influence a group. You may be in a meeting, part of a team or the person in charge. We look at who has the  power in a group, how to close down the over-talkative and elegant ways of encouraging your ‘wallflowers’. We focus on:

  • How to lead and influence a group effectively.
  • How to notice the leaders in a group.
  • How to flex your style using appropriate body language.
  • Tools to help manage challenge and ‘tricky’ individuals.
  • How to remain calm and be the person-in-charge.