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Selling is not a dark art or the exclusive domain of those ‘special people’.  Leaders and Manager regularly sell products, ideas or change within organisations. The skills needed are simple and practical.   At Cmt we help you develop the behaviours that create a positive sales culture.

Essential Sales Skills

Essential salesA simple, practical, hands-on programme which enables you to develop your selling skills in a short timescale. We focus on relationship selling and the management that goes with it. At the core, is the concept of a ‘relationship model’ and preferred stages to ensure optimum profit margin/buy-in , minimum customer/staff complaints and maximum growth/implementation. A half day follow-up is offered to cement  understanding of the process by role-play scenarios with a professional actor.   Benefits are:

  • It works; with a 94% success rating people really value the workshops.
  • No tricks or gimmicks; a simple authentic approach.
  • It concentrates on changing behaviours which produces immediate results.
  • A rigorous approach that plans the work and works the plan.
  • A powerful and simple selling process; transactional to complex sales situations.
  • It sits comfortably with most salespeople as there are no hard selling techniques.

Building Compelling Relationships

Building Compelling RelationshipsA training  course that shows you how to build powerful business relationships with your selected clients. Initially we help you identify the customers which are most attractive and balance this with the companies which are most likely to find your business attractive. We help you prioritise the companies you target and contacts within them. We then follow up the process with practical relationship building skills training. You will develop greater awareness of your impact and gain more tools and techniques to build compelling relationships. The main objectives are:

  • Building influential relationships based on trust, integrity and personal self-awareness.
  • Building rapport, listening actively and engaging with individuals and groups.
  • Understanding what motivates people to buy.
  • Achieving your sales goals through influence, integrity and respect.
  • Having more choices and flexibility available when selling.
  • Discovering how to read the non-verbal communication of other people.
  • Finding ways to engage and influence ‘tricky’ customers.
  • Developing effective communication and customer management skills.

Cmt salesStructuring and Delivering A Successful Sales Pitch

A training course designed to help you win. We develop your communication skills  to ensure clarity and impact during a selection process. We look at pitches from the buyers’ perspective  and what they require from you. We help you stand out by building on your natural positive style and harnessing your voice and body language.  We work with you to ensure that you are able to engage, manage and lead the decision makers. The objectives are:

  •  To develop your presentation & communication styles
  • Prepare and structure winning presentations
  • To develop appropriate engagement, enthusiasm, vocal energy and body language
  • To read and respond to different audiences
  • To be authentic; being more of the best you can
  • Greater awareness of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Feel confident and enjoy pitching & presenting whatever the material
  • Develop a more powerful relationship when pitching